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Marriage Counseling and Relationship Advice

Do you want to stop having the same argument over and over? Do you feel more like roommates than lovers? Even though your marriage looks great on paper? You’re probably trying to create a marriage no one taught you to have.

We hear a lot of alarm bells about marriage being in crisis. It’s not in crisis – it’s at a crossroad.

Today people want to feel close and connected. It’s not enough to just run a household. We long to be known and accepted. To know our marriage is where we turn for support, comfort, and to fulfill our desires. Not just in the honeymoon period but throughout the life of our marriage.

When you don’t have that closeness, you feel dissatisfied about all sorts of things, and the arguments multiply.

happy coupleCounseling helps you clear away the fears that keep you from understanding each other. Then you can open up about what you really want in your relationship. That’s how you build connection.

I’ve been a marriage counselor in the Seattle area for 12 years. I’m an expert at building that connection. It doesn’t have to take years. On average, I see couples for 12 to 20 sessions.

You can read more about my counseling services and listen to testimonials from my clients. Or you can just schedule an appointment. Click the button below to schedule online, contact me via email or call me at 425 822-5202.

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