Save Your Marriage: Get Rid of Your Resentment Book

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Save Your Marriage

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If you’re a woman who’s struggling with feelings of resentment toward your husband, you probably ask yourself this question a lot: “How can I make him understand how much he’s hurt me?”

Maybe you don’t know how to start the conversation. Or you’ve tried to say how you feel and things have gone south. Maybe that’s happened way too many times already. Now you just keep quiet and the resentment builds up. I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to find a new way to speak up! Stockpiling resentments is the worst thing you can do for your marriage. That’s why I wrote Save Your Marriage: Get Rid of Your Resentment. Using the six-stage Cycle of Resentment model, I help you get a clearer picture of what’s really upsetting you. Then I show you exactly how to approach your husband and have a conversation that leads to understanding for both of you.

Amazon book review: “An easy read packed with useful information. This book provides the insight and tools to do what it says! I’ve recommended it to friends whose marriage is in need of “saving” as well as anyone in ANY relationship that wants to improve it. Thank you, Claire. You’ve given us a useful tool that has already improved the quality of my life. If there were required textbooks for life, this one would be on the list!” – R. Bray

Save Your Marriage: Get Rid of Your Resentment is not a complicated book with lots of information about many aspects of marriage. It’s short, practical and to the point. Think of it as “a surgical strike” on your resentment. It’s designed for you to pick it up right when you need it and get some tools to help you feel better fast. And start a conversation with your husband that really gets somewhere. Save Your Marriage: Get Rid of Your Resentment comes with a downloadable workbook so you can work through the exercises in writing. It’s not enough just to read. Reflecting on each part of your experience in a step-by-step way is crucial. Even if you feel like you understand what’s going on perfectly, I bet there will be something you get a new perspective on after you’ve done the exercises. That will make talking to your husband much easier. Then you can break the ice and get a conversation going that leads to understanding. And step out of the Cycle of Resentment and get back the closeness you’ve been missing out on.

Amazon book review: “After I finished reading Save Your Marriage: Get rid of your resentment, I wished I had read it before I had split up with my partner of 10 years. In this quick read with a workbook that just took me a few minutes, I saw the importance of your partner feeling accepted as they are. “This really hit home with me as I had subtly wanted him to be someone he wasn’t and he knew it. This book also helped me see that I probably exaggerated the problems in my head when if I had discussed them (just one important topic at a time), it may not have been as profound as I had thought…”

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