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The Coolest Mom

photo (1) I’ve had the coolest mom ever since I was in kindergarten. Kids would stare at her and whisper, “Is THAT your MOM?” Why? For one thing, she was always what used to be called a clotheshorse and what is now called a fashionista. When I was in grade school, she dressed like Goldie Hawn. When I was in junior high, I’m sure I was the only girl trying to convince her mother her hems needed to be lower.

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There’s Still A Child Inside that Parent

20978025_s A half-hour ago she had presented him with her high school graduation party plans. Everyone, apparently, was going to an after-party that would last til dawn, and then out to breakfast. What Sam almost said was, "ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?" What he really said was, "Well, Honey, let's talk about this a little bit." They came up with a compromise that both could live with. Alicia would skip the breakfast and be home by 3:00. She and her best friend would stick together at all times. She also promised to call him if anything at all went wrong, and he in turn promised not to give her a hard time if she did.

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How to Parent When You’re Overwhelmed? Try a Little Detachment

19755032_s Claire: Detachment Parenting is an interesting title. Why did you decide on that? Heidi: Most parents I know do not struggle to develop loving attachments with their children. In fact they may be over-involved in kids' emotional lives and have difficulty stepping back and letting kids learn to manage their own feelings. When parents act in a calm, concerned and detached way, they're able to see the big-picture view of what's happening and guide kids to make positive choices. Detachment Parenting shows moms and dads how to keep their own feelings in check and guide the coping process for their kids. Claire: What's the first thing a parent should do if they're overwhelmed by their children?

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