Relationship Counseling

Traditional Counseling Appointments in the Seattle area

Relationship Counseling shows you how to stop the vicious cycles, attacks and criticism. Then you start to feel safe again, so you can turn to each other for support. You learn how to rebuild your connection so you can feel understood and accepted.

I start by finding out what your goals are in detail. What’s the problem, and when and where does it happen? You’ll get back to talking heart to heart about what you really want in your relationship. When you can share what’s most important to you, and really feel heard, you naturally feel close and connected. You have the kind of conversations you had early on, but with a more solid foundation of understanding.

Then I learn how you communicate. I’ll usually identify 2-3 main communication goals for each of you. These changes will be goals that you work on each week. When your targets are clear, you can help keep each other on track. It also makes it easier to be understanding when you see your partner slip up. As long as you know you’re headed in the right direction, you can feel optimistic.

You’ll learn how to find the triggers that drive your arguments. It’s probably not really about who was late to pick up the kids or who didn’t take out the garbage! We will “unpeel the onion” until we understand the root cause. When you address the real issue, you can resolve conflicts more quickly.

Once you smooth out your communication, your stress level drops. You feel more in relaxed and in control. That makes you more open and flexible. Then you can bring the problem solving skills you use in other areas of life to your relationship.

Relationship Counseling pursues the same goals as the Rock Solid Program, in a less structured format. Appointments are 50 minutes long and we schedule them one at a time, until you feel your goals are met. Relationship Counseling may be right for you if you want a more flexible approach, your relationship needs more of a “tune-up” than intensive work, or you are just not able to make the larger commitment to Rock Solid at this time.

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