Rock Solid Marriage Counseling Program

Intensive marriage counseling for Seattle-area couples.

The structure of a workshop with the privacy of counseling appointments.

We get married because we want a strong connection. But after a few years, many couples are wondering what happened to their connection. They feel at a loss about how to get it back. The Rock Solid Marriage Counseling Program gives you a step-by-step plan for rebuilding each element of connection.

Master the Safe Zone

First, we stop the bleeding. If you keep quiet to avoid the blow-ups, if managing your daily life feels like a struggle, or if you feel like you’re walking on eggshells, you need to master the safe zone. All the nasty behaviors people resort to in conflicts are really attempts at self protection. They’re triggered by their survival instincts. Rock Solid gives you a new set of tools, so that protecting yourself doesn’t have to mean attacking your partner.

The Desire Connection

At any given moment, human beings are trying to satisfy their desires. In marriage, it’s the emotional desires that count the most: such as being accepted, loved, secure, and needed.

When desires go unfulfilled over time, people start to feel like their partner doesn’t care about them. But most likely, the problem is with their approach. Communicating emotional desires is risky. It’s really giving someone the keys to your heart. When you don’t have a safe zone, your approach is likely to be criticism or attacks.

Rock Solid gives you tools to say what you want, instead of saying what’s wrong. When you communicate at this level, you feel known at your core. You build a bond that is irreplaceable.

Get a taste of how to connect through desires right now. Use the Stop Fights Before They Start Tool. It’s fun, easy, and takes about 5 minutes.

Manage Trigger Moments

At this point, you’ll be a lot more connected and feel like your partner is back on your side. But sometimes a deep fear will get triggered, and your survival instincts will kick in and rocket you out of the safe zone. To manage trigger moments, you practice reading your partner’s signals accurately and devise a “cheat sheet” to help you stop your reaction, or repair it before it does much damage.

Practice the Art of Passion

The biggest myth about sex is that sexual problems are always due to emotional problems. Emotional closeness is fundamental. But if you’re not having sex, if you feel like roommates, or if you relate mostly as parents, chances are you’ve forgotten that passion is an art in itself. We Americans are pragmatic addicts and pleasure is too often the last thing on our list.

This program gives you a framework for getting reacquainted with each other’s desires, getting back in the habit of cultivating pleasure, and making room in your busy lives for an erotic relationship.

Experience real results in 12 weeks.

This intensive marriage counseling program includes:

  • A required 30-minute assessment appointment. There are many fine marriage counselors in Seattle. We want to make sure I’m the right counselor and this is the right program for you.
  • Carefully designed sessions that build on prior skills and insights.
  • 8 couples sessions and 4 individual sessions that last 1 hour and 15 minutes each. Accomplish more than a traditional 50-minute counseling session allows.
  • Homework assignments to accompany each session. You work as hard at home as you do in my office.
  • A 40-page workbook. Take home reading to reinforce discussions. Some couples make a point of keeping the workbook within easy reach long after they finish the program.

Why a structured program?

It’s not that hard to have a positive interaction in a counselor’s office. But to keep it going, you need skills you can take home. A lot of learning is remembering, plain and simple. The structure gives you more memory hooks. I know from my training experience you learn more effectively when you have a roadmap and skills build on each other. A variety of learning methods helps, too-reading, listening, discussing, practicing and receiving coaching.

When you are given a framework and then asked to apply it to yourself, you can see your situation with more perspective and a cooler head than you would from simply talking. That’s why Rock Solid couples make changes faster and with less stress than the couples in Relationship Counseling.

Does this sound intensive? It is. If your marriage is not your top priority right now, this program is not for you. If it is, I will use every tool and resource I have to turn it around.

Listen to testimonials from some of my clients.

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