Counseling Services and Programs in the Seattle area

Counseling Options for Couples and Individuals

Rock Solid Marriage Program
Rock Solid offers intensive marriage counseling for couples who are serious about turning their marriage around. It gives you the structure of a workshop with the privacy of counseling appointments. You go through a step by step process of rebuilding four elements: creating a safe zone, connecting through your desires, managing trigger moments, and increasing the passion. Rock Solid is especially recommended if you are at all worried about divorce.
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Relationship Counseling

If your relationship is not all you want it to be, but you don’t think you need the intensity of the Rock Solid Program, consider relationship counseling. Because the appointments do not follow a specific format, relationship counseling can also be a good choice for couples who prefer a more freeform approach.
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Pre Marital Counseling

Solve problems before they start. Learn about common problems that come up for couples, as well as particular roadblocks the two of you are likely to run into. You probably have some minor communication problems. Now is the time to understand the root cause and get the tools that keep them from becoming a major wedge between you.
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Individual Counseling

If you’re stressed and anxious, not happy with the direction of your life, or know what you want, but are having trouble taking action, individual appointments can help. Maybe you are between relationships and you want to understand your own relationship patterns more, so you can make a better choice of partner and create the relationship you really want.
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